Our ultimate goal is to develop a touring electric bike. The model name is Hummingbird. It is designed as an cruiser and tailored to the needs of the tour rider.

The ranges of current models are too short for long day trips and the loading times are too high. Even with CCS fast charging capability can not replace high range.

Since only one machine can be charged at the same time per charging station, there would be unacceptable loading times when driving and loading in larger groups. Therefore, a certain minimum range must be guaranteed.

The Concept

Day tours of more than 300km are possible with only one battery charge!

Mainly motorcycles are used for driving tours on vacation or on weekends. For e-motorcycles to be truly tourable, the range must be at least as high as the average day trip. In the alpine area it is about 250-350km.

The Hummingbird is designed for at least 300km in sporty driving. In addition to touring, other usage scenarios such as highway and medium tours are dominated. Short trips and commuting will be possible with such a large motorcycle conditionally.

The following parameters are important to us during development and are guaranteed to be met. The feasibility analyzes of the battery and motor have been carried out successfully.

  • 32kWh battery capacity
  • Real range of 300km for day trips
  • Real motorway range of 200km at 120km/h
  • 0-100km / h in 4-5 seconds
  • Fast Charge: 0-80% in 30 minutes
  • Target price 19,000 incl. VAT. Plus delivery
  • no service or maintenance necessary!

Energy Transition

E-vehicles are basically used simultaneously as a buffer memory. E-motorcycles are less used in everyday life and are only around in winter. These are predestined to be used as a home storage in combination with a photovoltaic system. In addition to large storage systems, decentralized small storage systems are required.

Homeowners with a photovoltaic system know the problem that the electricity produced is not easily storable. Surpluses are fed into the grid and poorly remunerated. At night, when the sun is not shining and no electricity is being generated, expensive electricity is bought from the grid. Battery storage systems are comparatively expensive. It would be wasteful not to use the e-motorcycle battery.

For people who do not have their own garage and photovoltaic system, completely new business cases can be developed.

For example, it might be interesting for utilities to rent these machines and use them as storage tanks in large storage facilities.

Current Status

Currently the Hummingbird is in the prototype development. The overall concept stands and more and more details are being constructed.

The feasibility has been proven in various studies. The most important analyzes here were the feasibility of the wheel hub motor, the large battery pack and the realistic range. The remaining feasibility has been adequately verified by current e-motorcycles.

The Goal

For the further development of the Hummingbird we need your support! In order to build a prototype we are looking for investors and partners.

You have the opportunity to enter and invest in the project at an early stage. In addition to the receipt of company shares you help to bring the Hummingbird on the road. Together we contribute to environmental protection and the energy transition!

If you are an e-mobile, a motorcyclist or looking for a lucrative and future-proof investment, then get in contact with us!